Task Management


Each topic can have a number of ‘task management’ related attributes associated with it - as follows:

  1. Start Date (time)

  2. Due Date (time)

  3. Effort (duration)

  4. Progress (percentage)

  5. Resources (names)

These attributes are also imported/exported from/to their desktop app equivalents (although not all attributes are supported in all formats - Mindmanager, Novamind and Freemind/Freeplane work best.)

The following video demonstrates task management in action.


  1. Task attributes are displayed in a ‘badge’ beneath each topic for quick reference. The badge can be hidden.

  2. As a shortcut, tapping on the badge will present the Task Management page in the inspector.

  3. As a shortcut, tapping on the progress text (in the inspector) will step on the progress by 25% (can be easier than fiddling with the slider.)

  4. Completed tasks can be hidden (dimmed.)

  5. There is a ‘global’ (across all maps) list of resources (names) to choose from.

  6. Resource names can be selected from the built in Contacts list.

  7. Outline email reports can be generated (by resource or by project.)

  8. Paste Style’ can be used to paste task management attributes into groups of topics (enabling a template topic approach.)

  9. Tasks can be exported in an Outlook compatible CSV file - which can then be imported into Outlook and other task management systems such as ToodleDo.

  10. iThoughts can also import Outlook Tasks (in CSV format)

NB: To be included in a task based report the topic must either have a progress setting or a resource assigned to it.