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iThoughts can ‘send’ copies of your maps to other apps on your iPad. This means, for example, that iThoughts could send a PDF copy of your map to iBooks or GoodReader or an OPML file to OmniOutliner (as below.) This capability is not limited to PDF/OPML files - any format exported by iThoughts can be ‘sent’ to another app - so long as that app has registered to open that type of file.

The following shows how a map can be sent to the popular outliner - OmniOutliner (using the OPML format.)

NB: This also works in the other direction - OmniOutliner can send an OPML outline directly into iThoughts.

The following demonstrates a PDF export being sent to iBooks - from where it can be annotated or printed - using AirPrint (which is not supported by iThoughts natively.)