Organising Maps

Creating Maps

Tap the + button on the lefthand side of the toolbar:

  1. Give it a name

  2. Give it an icon

  3. Select its parent folder

  4. Base it upon an existing map, the clipboard or currently selected branch (see here for more details.)

...then hit save and a new map will be created and opened.

Map View/Folder View

By default, only the contents of a single folder are displayed at any one time (‘Folder View’.) This is great so long as you know where everything is - but if you forget where you placed a map it can be tedious to search each folder. This is where ‘Map View’ helps. It shows a ‘flat list’ of all maps grouped into folder based sections. Change views by tapping one of the buttons at the bottom of the map picker. Each list can then be further sorted using the [sort by] Name/Date buttons.

Deleting, Renaming and Moving Maps

Bring up the map picker and tap on the ‘Edit’ button:

  1. To delete a map, tap on the ‘No Entry’ symbol and then tap on the ‘Delete’ button which will appear. This cannot be undone - once a map is deleted it cannot be recovered (other than via backup.)

  2. To rename or move a map (to a different folder) - tap on the map name itself.

Creating Folders

Tap the bookmark icon on the top left of the toolbar - then:

  1. Tap on Edit

  2. Tap on New Folder

  3. Give it a name and set its parent

  4. Tap on Save

  5. Tap on Done


By selecting ‘Edit’ whilst in ‘Map View’ you can drag maps between sections (i.e. from one folder into another) even overwriting existing maps. This is handy for maps imported via email - which are placed in the root folder initially.