HowTo (do stuff)


If you haven’t seen it yet, then Getting Started is a good place to...well you know...

The articles below will explain how various tasks can be achieved - if it’s more of a general question you have then you need to be here:

  1. Backup (and restore) your maps

  2. Sync between iPad, iPhone and Desktop

  3. Transfer maps to/from your iPad (email, WiFi, Dropbox etc.)

  4. Recover a previous version of a map

  5. Create new maps (default settings, templates etc.)

  6. Publish ‘image maps’ as web pages

  7. Organise your maps (into folders etc.)

  1. Organise your topics

  2. Change Map and Link Styles

  3. Task Management

  4. Topic Attachments (images, PDFs, XLS etc.)

  5. Hyperlinking Topics (to maps, documents, websites etc.)

  6. Send maps directly to other Apps

  7. Insert mathematical equations into a topic (LaTeX?)

  8. Copy/Paste topic attributes (colour, shape etc.)

  9. VGA Output (connecting to an external monitor/projector)

  10. Work with CSV (for Excel, Numbers, Outlook, ToodleDo etc. )

  11. Work with Markdown (and integrate with iA Writer / Elements etc.)

  12. Work with OPML (and integrate with Scrivener / OmniOutliner etc.)

  13. Create a web bookmarks map (send page links for Safari to iThoughts)

  14. Auto Number Topics

  15. Dictate your thoughts (using Siri)

  16. Create ‘finger drawn’ Doodles

  17. Summarise Information on the Web (using Research)

  18. Passcode protect your maps

  19. Search your maps

  1. Terminate iThoughts

  2. Use ‘auto’ colours and shapes

  3. Enable TextExpander Support

  4. Deal with missing Freemind/Freeplane icons

Some Tips ‘n Tricks

Some ‘hidden’ features that can make life easier - if anyone has any others, please let me know.

  1. Print using AirPrint

  2. Unfortunately iThoughts doesn’t yet support AirPrint natively - but you can use the Send To App feature to send a PDF of the map to iBooks or GoodReader (both of which support AirPrint.)

  3. Use URL parameters in email links

  4. To default the subject and body fields in an email you can pass the info as part of the link - for example

  5. Publish clickable web pages

  6. iThoughts can publish a PNG and HTML map combo which results in a clickable map (see here for more details)

  7. Redo after an Undo

  8. Press and hold the Undo button - a Redo option will popup.

  9. Re-centre the map

  10. Tap on the title (in the toolbar) to re-centre on the currently selected topic.

  11. Zoom all the way out

  12. Double tap on the title (in the toolbar) to zoom right out. Double tap again to return.

  13. ‘Pin’ the map picker

  14. Double tap the toolbar button used to show the map picker. The map picker will stay visible after opening a map. This enables you to quickly open up a number of maps - perhaps if you’ve lost something!

  15. ‘Close’ the current map

  16. There is no ‘technical’ reason to close a map - it is automatically saved - but if you’re like me, it ‘feels tidier’ if you can close the current map. Just press and hold the map picker toolbar button and feel tidy again.

  17. Merge Topics

  18. Drag one topic over another and hold it there for a second - the option to merge will appear.

  19. Float Topics

  20. Drag the topic to a blank area of the canvas and hold it there for a second - the option to float will appear.

  21. Copy/Paste text to/from other apps

  22. Copy a branch then paste it into an email to get an indented text outline. Copy some lines of text from an email and paste ONTO a topic to get each line text turned into a child topic.

  1. Expand branches one level at a time

  2. Good for revision/presentations. Double tap the expand/collapse icon next to a topic.

  1. Quickly Set Task Progress to 0%

  2. It can be fiddly to set the task progress value to 0% using the slider. Just tap on the ‘Progress’ text to the left of the slider and it will assign 0% progress to the current topic.