GoodReader Integration


GoodReader is a very cool app for the iPad (and iPhone) which lets you view and annotate PDF (and other) documents. It is now possible to link to files in GoodReader from iThoughts topics i.e press on a topic and open a PDF in GoodReader.

The process is as follows:

  1. Select the PDF in GoodReader then tap on the ‘Link’ icon. This will copy a special URL onto the clipboard (e.g. gropen://mydoc.pdf)

  2. Open up iThoughts and paste the URL into the Link field of a topic.

  3. Press that topic and GoodReader will be launched and automatically open the document.

This way you can keep all your documents in GoodReader but reference them from iThoughts.

NB: It is also possible to link the other way - to maps in iThoughts from apps such as Evernote - see here for more details.