iTunes Document Sharing


iTunes document sharing enables you to drag and drop files to and from a (physically connected) iPhone - using iTunes.

Each application has a ‘shared folder’ (on the iPhone) to and from which files can be dragged. The following screenshots demonstrate how a file can be dragged from Finder/Explorer into the iThoughts shared folder on an iPhone connected to iTunes.

NB: There is only 1 shared folder per app - no subfolders - even though the existence of subfolders can be seen (as below)

Once the map has been imported into iThoughts, the copy in the shared folder can be safely deleted (if required.)

To export from iThoughts via iTunes, the process is reversed. Open the map, select the ‘Action’ button (blue triangle/top right) then  select ‘Send Map To Cloud’. This will place a copy of the map into the shared folder. Connect the iPad to iTunes and drag the file from iTunes into Finder/ Explorer.

Files (and folders) can also be dragged FROM the iPhone (dragging from iTunes to Finder/Explorer.)

Files (and folders) can also be deleted by selecting the file/folder in iTunes and hitting the delete/backspace keyboard button.

IMPORTANT: Only delete files which you placed there - deleting any of the folders could result in all your maps being deleted permanently.

Once a map has been copied to the shared folder, it must then be ‘imported’ into iThoughts itself. To do this, open up iThoughts and select the ‘Copy From Cloud’ menu option - then choose a folder in which to copy the map - then choose the map itself - as follows: