Email Transfer


Sending Email Attachments From iThoughts

To send a map as an email attachment, open it then select the ‘Send’ button (swipe the toolbar to the left) followed by the ‘Send Email’ option. Choose the formats to attach and whether an outline should be included then ‘Compose Email’ - as below.

Opening Email Attachments in iThoughts

iThoughts registers itself as being able to open various file types - which means that email attachments of those types will have the iThoughts logo next to them and you can simply tap on them to open the email.

If there is already a map of the same name in iThoughts then it will be overwritten (without warning) by the attachment. This is not as bad as it sounds since previous versions of all maps can be recovered easily - see here.

However - I’ve heard rumours that some people have been trying out competing apps (which also register their ability to open certain types of file.) As you can see below, MindNode has managed to attach its icon to Freemind files. This is because MindNode was installed after iThoughts. To open in iThoughts (rather than MindNode) simply press and hold the attachment then choose ‘Open In..’ (or just uninstall the other apps :-)