The following articles attempt to answer some of those frequently asked questions. If you want to know HOW to do something then you need to be here.

  1. Is there a version for the Mac?

  2. Features (what does it do?)

  3. Desktop App Compatibility (does it work with NovaGeniusConceptBrain v4?)

  4. Roadmap (what’s next?)

  5. Limits (how big can my map be?)

  6. VGA Output (connecting to an external monitor/projector)

  7. Is there a library of ‘template’ maps (Biggerplate/Xmind.net)

If the question you have is not answered above then just drop me a line.

General Trouble Shooting

Some common issues (and what to do) are listed below:

  1. How to recover the original Help/Release Notes map?

  2. To Fix: Open up the iThoughts section in the Settings App and set the ‘Recover Help’ to YES

  1. Can’t open the iThoughts export (ITMZ file) using my desktop App

  2. iThoughts stores its information in ITMZ files - these cannot be opened by any other App. To create a Desktop App compatible file the appropriate format must be selected specifically (see here for supported formats.)