Desktop Compatibility


iThoughts can import/export to and from many of the most popular desktop applications as follows (Windows and Mac unless stated otherwise):

  1. MyThoughts 1.3.3 (.mytx)

  2. Novamind 4 (.nmind)

  3. Novamind 5 (.nm5)

  4. Freemind 0.8.x and 0.9.x (.mm)

  5. Freeplane (.mm)

  6. MindManager 6 and above (.mmap)

  7. Mindview 3, 4 (.mvdx) Windows only

  8. XMind 3 (.xmind)

  9. iMindmap 4 (.imm)

  10. iMindmap 5 (.imx)

  11. OPML (.opml)

  12. ConceptDraw MINDMAP 6, 7 (.cdmz)

  13. MindGenius 3.71 (.mgopml)

  14. Standard CSV (.csv)

  15. PDF export only (.pdf)

  16. Image export only (.png)

  17. HTML Outline export only via email

  18. TXT import (TAB or 4xSPACE indented)

  19. Outlook Task CSV Export

  20. Markdown Export

  21. Word/Pages (.docx)

  22. PowerPoint/Keynote (.pptx)

The list of supported formats is continually growing - interoperability is a corner-stone of iThoughts. If there is a format that you’d like to see supported just drop me a line.

Generally speaking the following attributes are supported by iThoughts when importing/exporting:

  1. Topic Text (including size, bold and italic attributes)

  2. Topic Notes

  3. Topic Icons (up to 2 per topic - where an equivalent exists)

  4. Topic Shapes (line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, oval)

  5. Topic Colours

  6. Relationships (with colour and arrow heads - none, arrow, ball)

  7. Branch Folded State

  8. Topic position (relative to parent and siblings)

  9. Task Information (start/due date, effort, resources, priority and progress)

  10. Hyperlinks

  11. Boundaries

  12. Callouts

  13. Floating Topics

  14. Images in Topics

However, the import/export process is not perfect and not every attribute is supported by every app. Read about some of the nuances here.